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We have sourced aluminum so we can continue to make 100% Canadian. They are now a "Product of Canada" and not just "Made in Canada."


EZ Dock Ontario is a distributor for EZ Dock products in Ontario, Canada.

EZ Docks in Ontario, Canada are only available from the authorized dealers. Click here for the list.



New Aluminum Stairway Made in Canada

Contact 1-519-864-4357 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase the stairs directly from the manufacturer.

A newly redesigned stairway allows access from any seawall to your floating dock.


See the new kayak lift




With EZ Dock products you can:


  • Install a dock with little labour
  • Modify the configuration of the dock quickly and easily
  • With the EZ Port products, you can store your personal watercraft or small boat on a floating drydock


EZ Docks are very strong and stable. Here is a 6900 pound vehicle sitting on top of three 80" docks. There is no trick photography here and nothing is under the water holding it up. The steel brackets visible on the side of the dock are anchor chain connectors.

The 40" by 10' dock has 3 square meters of surface area. So if it is pushed into the water by 10cm, it will displace an additional 300 litres of water. This means that it would take 300kg (660lb) to sink it 10cm (4"). It would take 600kg (1320lb) to sink the 80" dock 10cm (4"). The buoyancy would even be greater in salt water.

Ultimate truck on ultimate dock



Serious dealership inquiries welcome. Are you interested in being a dealer for these docks in Ontario, Canada? Then contact us.