Accessories Overview
Most accessories will fit any size dock or port section. Unless otherwise noted, steel hardware is galvanized or zinc plated. Some items are also available in stainless steel, please call to inquire. Brackets shown include the hardware required to attach them to dock sections.

Dock couplers
Coupler installation tool
Dock wheels
Tie-down cleats
Hardware connector

Heavy-duty Polyethylene Pipe Bracket
Polyethylene Pipe Bracket
Pipe Stand-off Bracket
Heavy-duty Stiff-arm Bracket
Heavy-duty Polyethylene Deadman Bracket
Deadman / Stiff-arm Bracket
Small Deadman / Post Bracket
Piling Bracket and Hoops
Polyethylene Piling Bracket
Floating dock adaptor hinge
Anchoring Pipe, pipe caps and pipe augers

Misc. Accessories
Corner Gusset
Swim Ladder
Utility Channel
Bench Bracket

Aluminum Gangways
Gangplank Kit
Gangplank / Pipe bracket kit
Gangway Roller Kit

Rail / Curb
Modular Railing
Security curb

Coupler Assembly

Special connection couplers are designed to allow sections to move independently under high-stress conditions, yet provide unified stability. Made with recycled material, the couplers are compounded to prevent fatigue problems. The composite coupler bolt and nut eliminate rusting in all water conditions. A coupler assembly consists of one top and one bottom coupler, one connection rod, and one nut.

One Assembly: #301100 (multiple Assemblies are bulk packed for shipping)

Coupler Installation Tool

Installation tool simplifies in-water float to float connection.
Part #900001

Dock Wheels

Steel frames with plastic wheels make installation or removal of docks easier. Sold in pairs.
Part #900050

Tie-up Cleats

8" nylon cleat with two stainless steel 5/16"x 21/4" flat head bolts.
Part #300100

Hardware connectors View Image TOP OF LIST
One hardware connector with 5/8" imbedded T-bolt and nut.
Connector with zinc plated bolt: #201040
Connector with stainless steel bolt: #201040SS

Heavy-duty Polyethylene Pipe Bracket View Image TOP OF LIST
Molded Polyethylene bracket includes two coupler pairs. Polyethylene inserts available for 2.5" O.D. and 3.5" O.D. pipe. Pipe not included.

Description Part No.
Bracket & insert for 2.5" O.D. pipe 110250
Bracket & insert for 3.5" O.D. pipe 110350
Insert only for 2.5" O.D. pipe 10003
Insert only for 3.5" O.D. pipe 10004

Polyethylene Pipe Bracket View Image TOP OF LIST
Molded bracket halves with integral connectors. Use in more moderate conditions, and use two sets to anchor EZ Port PWC Lifts.
For 2.5" O.D. Pipe: Part #130250
For 3.5" O.D. Pipe: Part #130350

Pipe Stand-off Bracket View Image TOP OF LIST
Polyurethane bracket to attach top of anchoring pipe to stationary docks. Fits 2.5"- 3.5" O.D. Pipe. Bolts not included.
Part #105100

Heavy-Duty Stiff-Arm View Image TOP OF LIST
For float to shore anchoring. Includes mainframe and and yoke. 2.5" O.D. pipe and shore attachment systems sold separately, please call to inquire.

Description Part No.
Frame & Yoke (as shown) 800099
Post / Sleeve for shoreline attach. 800095-20

Heavy-duty Polyethylene Deadman Bracket View Image TOP OF LIST
Molded Polyethylene bracket includes two coupler pairs, polyethylene 3.5" insert and deadweight sleeve, chain not included

Description Part No.
Bracket and insert for 3.5" O.D. pipe 110350
Deadweight insert for #110350 assembly (sleeve) chain not included. 10072
Bracket and insert for 3.5" O.D. pipe 110350
Deadweight insert for #110350 assembly 100725P

Deadman / Stiff-Arm Bracket View Image TOP OF LIST
Deadman mainframe bracket includes hardware connectors with nuts. Chain not included. For Stiff-arm attachment order Stiff-arm insert, Shoreline Post sleeve and Anchoring Pipe separately.

Description Part No.
Deadman Mainframe 100700
Stiff-Arm Insert Sleeve 800095-15
Post / Sleeve for shore attach. 800095-20

Small Deadman or Post Bracket View Image TOP OF LIST
For light-duty anchoring with cable and / or to attach 4x4 railing or mooring posts. Galanized bracket includes one hardware connector.
Sold in pairs #100740 (Was 100711G)

Polyethylene Piling Bracket View Image TOP OF LIST
Our heavy-duty polyethylene bracket allows lateral position adjustment to make attachment to existing piles easier. Rollers allow smooth vertical movement and adjust to fit piles from 6" to 18" in diameter. Polyethylene construuction won't rust or corrode, and is ideal for salt-water applications. Includes two coupler pairs.
Polyethylene Piling Bracket Part #200800

Adjustable Piling Bracket & Hoops View Image TOP OF LIST
Mainframe piling bracket is predrilled for hoops from 4" to 24" wide. Includes hardware connectors with nuts. Order hoop separately. Bracket and hoops also available in stainless steel.
Mainframe Piling Bracket Part #100800


Size Part No.
4" 100804
6" 100806
8" 100808
12" 100812
16" 100816
20" 100820
24" 100824

Floating dock adaptor hinge kit View Image TOP OF LIST
Use to attach EZ Dock or EZ Port to other types of floating docks.
Sold in pairs: Part #100750

Anchoring Pipe and pipe caps View Image TOP OF LIST
Galvanized steel, mechanical-grade pipe. Sold in full lengths.
Pipe Caps:
fits 23/8" OD pipe: Part #100026
fits 3.5" OD pipe: Part #100036


Length Part No.
2 3/8" O.D., 10 gauge:
16' 116025
18' 118025
21' 121025
24' 124025
3.5" O.D., 8 gauge:
16' 116035
18' 118035
21' 121035
24' 124035

Pipe Augers
View Image
Auger with bolt and nut. Pipe not included.
for 2" I.D. pipe Part #100255
for 3" I.D. pipe Part #100355

Corner Gusset View Image TOP OF LIST
Polyethylene Corner Gusset adds deck surface and additional stability to dock finer. 33.5" wide, 6" high. Side cut-out allows the gusset to be used in conjunction with utility channel. Polyethylene construction
Part #300500, with Composite bolts: #300501

Swim Ladder View Image TOP OF LIST
5 step, molded polyethylene ladder with safe, non-slip textured surface. 60" high. Includes attachment hardware.
Part #300260

Utility Channel View Image TOP OF LIST
Two-piece chaseway attaches to side of dock sections allowing power conduits for shore power. Attaching utility channel also widens walkways by 12". Includes attachment hardware. 60" long x 12" wide x 15" high.
Part #301260


Bench Hardware Kit View Image TOP OF LIST
Bench kit includes two painted steel frames, hardware connectors and fasteners. Requires four 2" x 8" x 5' wood planks (not included).
Part #300960

Aluminum Gangways View Image TOP OF LIST
Standard size aluminum gangways with railing. Order shore and float end hardware separately.

Width Length Part No.
3' 10'    No railing 300310NR
3' 10'    with railing 300310
3' 10'    with railing 300314
3' 10'    with railing 300320
5' 10'    with railing 500510
5' 14'    with railing 500514
5' 20'    with railing 500520

Float Hinge Assemblies
View Image Hinged bracket with hardware connectors and nuts attaches gangway to dock.
3 Pocket Float Hinge Assy. Part #100650SS
4 Pocket Float Hinge Assy. Part #100850SS

Abutment Hinge Bracket
View Image Attach to shore end of 3' and 5' gangways to bolt to shoreline abutment.
Part #50501SS

Aluminum Transition Plates
View Image Hinged aluminum plate creates smooth transition between shore grade and gangway deck.
3' wide: #300301
5' wide: #500501

Gangway Roller Kit View Image TOP OF LIST
Gangway Roller allows dock end of gangway to adjust with changing water levels. Kit includes 2 stainless steel brackets, 2 plastic bearings and sheet metal screws. Purchase 3" Sched. 80 PVC pipe separately.
Roller Kit: #300300
PVC Pipe (60" long, 3" dia. ): #105030

Gang Plank Mounting Kits View Image TOP OF LIST
Kits include hardware connectors with nuts, hinge to float bracket, hinge to plank bracket and 2 gang plank stiffeners with carriage bolts, nuts and washers. Planking not included.

Gangway width Fits float width Part No.
24" (for two 2x12's) 40" and 60" 100240
34" (for three 2x12's) 40" and 60" 100340
60" (for five 2x12's) 60" 100600
View Image
Shore-end hinge adapter kits
Kit for 34" gangway 150340
Kit for 60" gangway 150600


Modular Railing View Image TOP OF LIST
Barrier-free railing for security with minimum obstruction. Conforms to SOBA and ADA guidelines. A brown, .125" thick, PVC coating adds beauty, safety, and durability. Hot-dipped galvanized also available. 42" high guardrail.

Style # Length PVC Dipped Galvanized
Style 910 10' 101910 100910
Style 911 5' 101911 100911
Style 912 10' 101912 100912
Style 913 10' 101913 100913
Style 914 5' 101914 100914
Style 915 5' 101915 100915
Style 916 5' 101916 100916
Style 917 80" 101917 100917
Style 918 80" 101918 100918
Style 919 40" 101919 100919
Style 920 40" 101920 100920

Security Curb View Image TOP OF LIST
21/2" high, 31/2" wide, 116" long polyethylene curb. Drill and bolt to docks at imbedded T-nuts. Bolts not included. Standard color: brown.
Curb: #35116
Bolt: #80530SS


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