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Self-Floating PWC Lift

Make docking and launching part of the fun!

Roller-aided boarding and launching
Heavy-duty Stoltz brand Super Rollers aid in docking and launching by allowing the PWC to roll on and off board. Polyurethane rollers with stainless steel and solid brass hardware won't corrode, develop flat spots or mar the PWC's hull.

Safety bulkhead
Raised fore-deck helps prevent overshoot and keeps the craft's nose from colliding with obstacles.

Conforms to all hull designs
Pan and bunk design safely cradles all the most-popular PWC models. Plus, the sloped bunks are very forgiving. Even if the user's approach is off center, they guide the craft into alignment.




Protect your investment and take the work out of parking your PWC.
Patented EZ Port is the simple drive on, push off method of dry docking. No winching, cranking, pumping or hoisting. No sand from beaching to wear components.

Self-floating EZ Port moves with changing water levels and protects the craft from damage caused by wind and wave action. Your machine is out of the water, yet ready to cruise in just seconds.

And, EZ Port is so simple to use even less experienced PWC operators find boarding and launching a breeze.

Designed using the same technology as the rest of the EZ Dock system, EZ Port PWC lifts create a stable, wind and wave resistant platform. And, EZ Port is a one-piece unit, so it takes very little time, and just a few tools to install. For all the most popular PWC models EZ port is the fastest, easiest dry docking system available.

Boarding is simple
Just Idle up to EZ Port's stern and ease into the throttle. The PWC will ride over EZ Port's stern roller until over center, then follow the bunks until fully berthed.

1. Idle up

2. Ease into the throttle

3. Roll aboard

For details about the EZ Dock System's superior design, visit our construction page.

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